Student Action Senate Application
Let us make changes on this campus together!
Senate Application
Thank you for your interest in running with Student Action! We are a group of students on this campus from all walks of life, committed to making a difference and investing our time into bettering the UC Berkeley experience for all. Though we receive many more applications than the number of individuals who will run, Student Action has many positions open and available ranging from campaign management, to public relations and marketing strategy as well as finance and technology. We would like to also encourage all interested applicants to reach out to a current ASUC Senator or alumni to learn more about the position prior to applying.

The application process consists of three rounds - the first being this application, the second is a comprehensive interview and the third is a situational interview. Please spend time on this initial application, though somewhat lengthy, it will be our first exposure to you as a candidate.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your interest and look very much forward to reading your application! Email all questions to Jason Tang, Party Chair, at

HARD DEADLINE: Oct 23rd @ 11:59 PM
Applications may be submitted past Oct 23rd. Be sure to notify
Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.
*Supplemental recommendations may be emailed to Jason Tang at

Section 1 | Personal Information

What is your First Name? *

What is your Last Name? *

Preferred contact email *

We will be primarily communicating through email - so please provide us with one that you check regularly.
What year are you? *

Major(s)/College *

Example: Applied Mathematics/College of Letters & Science
Academic/Future Interests *

Use this space to discuss any future academic or professional interests you might have.
Passions/Campus Involvement *

Use this space to explain to us a little bit more about what you are passionate about/what you are involved in on campus
Section 2 | ASUC Related Questions 

Why are you interested in ASUC? *

Take as many words as necessary
Why Student Action? *

Take as many words as you need.
Previous ASUC Experience *

Use this space to elaborate on any previous ASUC experience you have had that you believe helps qualify you to run for Senate.
Previous Leadership Experience *

Use this space to elaborate on any previous leadership experience you have had that you believe helps qualify you to run for Senate.
University Issues *

What do you consider to be the most pressing issues at UC Berkeley right now? What do you think are specific, attainable and results oriented ways to accomplish some type of positive change? (250 words max)
Potential Platforms *

Please use this space to elaborate on some of your ideas that can then become your platforms. Use as many words as necessary, and please be thorough.
Campaign Infrastructure

Please write down the names of anyone you might be considering to be your Campaign Manager. (This is not a required question and can be answered later).
Committing to an environment of shared growth, help and learning *

Lastly, we want to ensure that all those interested in applying are constantly willing to be a part of an environment of growth, support and understanding. The ASUC is an intersection of ideas and values and it is necessary for Senators to remain open minded and committed to respectful dialogue and discourse. By writing your full name in the box below, you are committing to upholding this important value of Student Action and will complete the application process.
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